Do you want to control your mind?

Mind is the most wondering creation in this universe

Like it is said “Don’t judge book by its cover”, Same ways, don’t judge this blog by its title. 😊

I am not teaching any technique to control your mind. Neither I want you to control your mind, rather I would like to keep it liberal than controlling.

Are you confused? Don’t be! When I say, Don’t control your mind, you can’t control it whatever you do. Our mind is designed to control our body system, each and every part of body is controlled by our mind, isn’t it? Ok! Stretching this thing will make you bored and confused. So here is what I really meant.

Control your Thoughts/Emotions instead of controlling Mind & keep mind liberal to control your body activities.

Have you ever lost some of your favorite things (it was broken or taken by someone)? How did you feel? I know it is not a very pleasant feeling. Are you always lost in unpleasant thoughts? I believe everyone at some point of time may be. Do you feel, you don’t have a reason to Live because of some unpleasant thing happened in your Life? Wait! Don’t be sad. Life is the most precious thing ever created. Just being sad because of some bad thoughts is worth.

Below are some ways to control your thoughts/emotions:

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There is something great about smiling. It takes out negative thoughts out of your mind, it is never easy to smile, when you are going through unpleasant emotions & physiologically impossible to have bad feelings if you are smiling?

You need to master this to overcome any bad thoughts or control your thoughts. Believe me! Smile is best medicine. Just try smiling in any situation. Smile intoxicates your body from bad thoughts/unpleasant emotions.

When you wake up, if you feel stressed/angry/sad, smile at yourself in the mirror. Do this every morning(even if you are not feeling low). This will help in keeping your bad thoughts/emotions away.

Anytime you feel bad, just smile. Do it, even when you don’t want to do it. It will control your thoughts/emotions (bad ones! No one would like to control good emotions/thoughts 😉 )



Yes! I know, you are already aware of this. You must have heard about this a lot. Do you exactly know what Meditation does?

Meditation will take your focus away from the unpleasant emotions and in turn make you take control of them. It will shift your focus and it doesn’t create any denial.

Mastering shift of focus is main task in meditation. If you insist on being what you are, you can always return to what you were after you are done meditating. It is not necessary to change, unless you are not happy from inside.


Do what makes you happy

No one on this earth is going to be sad, when they are doing the things which makes them happy. Engage yourself in the activities, which makes you feel good. You will not get into bad thoughts.


Control your Emotions

Emotions are biggest contributor of bad thoughts. Learn how to control emotions. It will take lot of time to control your emotions. Once you master it, you will feel the difference in your life.

As I said in the beginning, I am not teaching any technique to control your mind. Mind can’t be controlled, rather work on your thoughts/emotions to be blissful & happy in your life.

Lastly a free advise. Just Smile 😊

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